URSI Student Paper Competition Finalists announced
First Name Last Name Institute/Company URSI Commission Country (Institute/Company) Submission Title
Pooja Munjal Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali Com. D – Electronics and Photonics India Optically probing sub-nanometer photo-dynamics of solid surfaces
Shuto Takahashi University of Electro-Communications Com. B – Fields and Waves Japan Incorporation Algorithm with RPM and DBIM in Bayesian Framework for Microwave Non-destructive Testing
KRUSHNA CHANDRA BARIK Indian Institute of Geomagnetism Com. H – Waves in Plasmas India A theoretical model for the generation of Kinetic Alfvén Waves (KAWs) in the Earth’s magnetosphere by ion beam and velocity shear
Pin-Hsuan Wu NCTU Com. D – Electronics and Photonics Taiwan 77~110GHz 40nm-CMOS Power Amplifier Design with Low-Loss 8-Way Power Combiner
shuang liu The University of Tokyo Com. K – Electromagnetics in Biology & Medicine Japan Development of a method for estimating field map in an object containing magnetic materials from View Line Sequence in MRI
Mia Filic Independent statistical learning, satellite navigation and space weather scientist Com. G – Ionospheric Radio & Propagation Croatia On correlation between SID monitor and GPS-derived TEC observations during a massive ionospheric storm development
Sreenath Reddy Thummaluru Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad Com. B – Fields and Waves India Reducing the RCS of MIMO Antenna using Angularly Stable FSS