Venue - India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

The India Habitat Centre (IHC) is located in the heart of New Delhi right next to the historic Lodhi Gardens, which is a real heaven of tranquility and peace in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. It provides a physical environment, which is able to serve as a catalyst for a synergetic relationship between individuals and institutions working in diverse habitat related areas and therefore maximizes their total effectiveness. Sharing a common concern for habitat, various organizations have come together to participate in institution-building, evolving a synergy within the IHC complex.

Representative of “ecology by design”, the IHC was conceived and designed by the celebrated architect Joseph Allen Stein and perhaps ranks among his most successful works of urban design. It is a campus that handles an enormous variety of public and private activities, from housing to banking to entertainment to food to conferences. A city within a city, it is an intellectual shopping Centre that provides cheap green curry, great theatre, cutting edge art and wonderful outdoor spaces that are comfortable even in summer. The IHC has made an extraordinary contribution to the city of Delhi.