Indian National Committee for URSI (INCURSI)

The Indian National Committee for URSI (INC-URSI) is part of the URSI-COSPAR-SCOSTEP Joint National Committee under the Indian National Science Academy, which comes under ICSU. It has a President and several distinguished scientists as its members. The  INC-URSI members are elected by nomination once in 4 years by INSA. INC-URSI reviews the work in various areas of radio science and compiles reports of the research work done in different parts of the country and submits a report to URSI once in 3 years when the URSI General Assembly is held.

In view of the fact that INC-URSI is not a registered society and cannot organise conferences, meetings, etc. by receiving funds, some of the INC-URSI members strongly felt the need to create an independent registered entity with similar objectives, as has been done in many areas like Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, etc. That is the genesis of the Indian Radio Science Society (InRaSS).  However, since 2014, INC-URSI has organised Regional Conferences in Radio Science (RCRS) in different parts of the country and created a general awareness about the multi-disciplinary character of radio science and has built up a reputation. Henceforth, this function will be handled by the InRaSS.